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RAMP Rewards is a loyalty app that allows you to earn rewards that actually make a difference. No extra cards involved, simply swipe your debit or credit card at your local retailer and earn rewards. What’s better, these rewards can be spent on our app market place which has deals and discounts from our retailers. You can also donate them to charity, gift them to friends and family or exchange them for cash.

Not only does RAMP support you by protecting your data and privacy, it gives control back to you and earns you rewards in the process.


Current rewards systems fall short for customers. Not only do you have to carry multiple loyalty cards, but your points balances and true value are hard to obtain. You can’t share points, third parties profit from your personal data, and you continue to receive irrelevant email spam from retailers for products and services that you’re not interested in.

The RAMP rewards platform provides more value to you, the customer. By signing up with RAMP and downloading our app, you can be in control of your rewards points, choosing where you want to earn them, and how you want to spend them.

The RAMP app allows you to:
Trade RAMP Rewards for local currency, or gift them to friends or charities
Use the debit or credit card of your choice to earn RAMP dollars on, and say goodbye to a wallet full of loyalty cards
Easily check your RAMP Dollar and NZ Dollar balance
Receive personalised offers from shops that you love - no more irrelevant email spam

The RAMP App

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Our growing list of retail partners


As with customers, legacy rewards systems do not provide the value to retailers that should be expected in the 21st century. Current loyalty systems place liabilities on the books of retailers, they don’t always provide analytical and useful data about the preferences of customers or the effectiveness of the loyalty program, they also require POS integration.

RAMP is made by retailers, for retailers. Consequently, the RAMP Rewards solution looks to benefit the retailer in many ways.

The RAMP app allows you to:
No liability - unlike current rewards programs
Form direct customer relationships at scale via RAMP platform
Gain access to higher quality data in real time via the RAMP portal
Communicate socially with customers through surveys and marketplace rather than email
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*as found in a recent UNSW study

More About RAMP

RAMP Rewards is a blockchain backed consumer engagement and loyalty platform based out of Auckland, New Zealand. With over 20 years in the retail industry, our team know the pain points retailers and consumers face in the loyalty rewards market. With this knowledge and experience, we are developing a solution that redefines what a loyalty rewards program should look like and the value that it provides for retailers and consumers.

Too many blockchain startups have approached this industry from a purely technical standpoint, without first thinking about what retailers and consumers actually need. RAMP Rewards changes that. We are made by retailers, for retailers.

Rewards points are lying idle in members accounts
Of studied customers said that cryptocurrency rewards were more appealing than their favourite loyalty programme*

It’s clear today that existing loyalty rewards programs are rife with inefficiency, with consumers unhappy with the options available to them, and retailers left saddled with liabilities on their books after issuing reward points. To overcome the problems that currently exist in this market, our team leverages decades of retail experience and know how with deep technical expertise in the payments space and also in blockchain technology. The result is a solution that not only represents a substantial improvement on current systems, but is also a smarter and more efficient approach than other blockchain based loyalty rewards systems that have attempted to disrupt the market.


RAMP Rewards will be raising capital for production application launch shortly via sophisticated and institutional investors. If you’d like more information or would like to qualify to be an investor please use the link below and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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Project Roadmap

  • Retail Acqusition

    Q1 2019

  • First Round Funding

    Q2, Q3 2019

  • Team Expansion

    Q4 2019

  • Product Development

    Q4 2019, Q1 2020

  • Security Testing

    Q1 2020

  • Customer Marketing Growth

    Q1 2020

  • Second Round Funding

    Q2 2020

  • Build Operations and Sales Team

    Q2 2020

  • Public Launch Australia and New Zealand

    Q2 2020

  • Final Round Funding

    Q3 2020

  • International Roll Out Asia/EU ++

    Q3 2020